Gino's Act is part stand-up part stick-em up.
You'll Die... Laughing!



He’s on the lam and wanted for stealing the show! Raised on the mean streets of South Philly, Gino has given up his criminal ways and now makes an honest dollar by thrilling audiences with his world-class sleight of hand and his razor-sharp wit. In different parts of the world, he’s known as the Mafia Magician, the Sicilian Sorcerer, or the Cosa Nostra conjurer.


No matter what you call him, you will be thrilled with his special blend of comedy and magic. Gino has performed worldwide in over 35 countries (and he's allowed back into most of them). Catch him if you can.

Gino is also the co-owner of the Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theater in Phila. When not performing at his theater, Gino performs for adult audiences who are looking for a unique, professional act from ten people to a thousand.

Call Gino's consigliere Danny Archer @ 215.870.9188 and he can arrange a sit down with Gino and your group. Can Gino perform for kids? Yes, he can, but only bad kids. Magicians are a dime a dozen, there is only one Gino!